"Stop stop talking about who's to blame when all that counts is how to change."

- James (http://www.jamestheband.com)


Friends, Aquaintences, & Familiar Faces

So far I have had the opportunity to meet a good number of people - off-beat, quirky, gay, str8, harmlessly psychotic - just what you would expect in California! From these folks I am now fortunate to have a circle of true friends.  I don't believe in living life as str8 or gay per se, I just live my life as myself. Romantically, I have been on dates but still find it challenging to meet guys that I would click with. 


Let the Music Play

One of my passions is good music which necessitates an eclectic taste which in my case includes college-alternative, techno, trance, reggae, and industrial among others. Back in Florida I was blessed with "the best little radio station on earth" (WMNF 88.5FM), Real Radio Weekends (WTKS 104.1FM), and Sunday School (WSUN 97.3FM)  My time so far in Silicon Valley I have found "The Underground Sound" (KSCU 103.3FM) as a haven from cyclical commercial radio playlists.


You Gotta Fight! For Your Right! To PARTY!

While I have never dabbled in chemicals other than alcohol, some of my friends love many letters of the alphabet. I respect their choices and they respect mine. I am pretty conscious about my health - eating well and working out.


A Few Pictures of Me

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